Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) stood up and heckled the President of the United States this evening during the President’s speech to a joint session of Congress.  Rep. Joe Wilson tried to turn the speech into a Republican Town Hall scream-fest.

Rep. Joe Wilson’s office number is busy right now. And his website is running incredibly slow. Bombard him with calls and emails: 202.225.2452.  Contact him here on his Web site, which, we hope, will bear someone else’s name after

Turning Left’s open letter to Rep. Joe Wilson:

Dear Health Insurance Industry Shill Rep. Wilson:

If one Democrat had EVER heckled a sitting president while he was addressing a joint session of Congress, you BET Democrats themselves would be outraged, as would Republicans.


Your actions tonight were a disgrace to the halls of Congress, and the people of the United States of America.

You owe the President of the United States, each and every member of Congress, and the American People an apology…

… and your resignation.

Rep. Joe Wilson, the new voice of the Republican Party.

Tip of the hat to Shannyn Moore for this:

The Republican, Joe Wilson from South Carolina called the president a liar tonight. Joe Wilson has a challenger in Rob Miller, a Democrat.

Here is his donation page.

I called Mr. Wilson and let him know I felt strong enough about his outburst that I donated to his opponent.

And I’m doing likewise.

Would this have happened if the current president was white?  No way, no how.  This is about race, pure and simple.  Rep. Wilson wanted to put Obama back down in his place.