Not even sure how we should report this.

According to a current, sitting, trustee in the village of Park Forest, Illinois, a “non-incumbent mayoral” candidate was staring at the sitting trustee for over a minute at a public meeting.

The sitting trustee left this message on Twitter:

So why did a colleague, non-incumbent mayoral candidate, stare at me for better part of a minute, till I returned his glance. #creepy

This message was lifted from the Twitter account of @GaryKopycinski, without his permission.

But, then, Twitter blasts are, by nature, public.

we contacted Kopycinski, to learn only that the strange staring did occur. The person staring? Challenger to the current mayor, Jerome, or JeRome Brown.

Why would a sitting trustee stare at another trustee for such a long time?

Wait. These are election games.

We contacted Mr. Kopycinski for an assessment of what happened.

He said only that, whatever this was about, he had no clue.

We are inclined to believe that Brown stared at Kopycinski for an extended period of time, likely longer than Kopycinski cares to admit.

Some candidates will attempt strange tactics to intimidate challengers, or perceived challengers.

So why did JeRome Brown stare at Kopycinski?