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Congresswoman Robin Kelly Is Up For Re-Election, And You Should Vote For Her

From Congresswoman Robin Kelly:

Believe it or not, it is that time again.
I am running for re-election for Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District.
 I need your help, because without your support we cannot continue to fight to reduce gun violence, stimulate economic development and job creation, provide high quality educational options for our children and affordable health care within our communities.
 Much has been achieved, but much work remains.
 Please join me for a volunteer meet-up on Thursday, October 15, 2015, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, at the Quarry Event Center, located at 2423 E. 75th Street, Chicago, Illinois, (corner of Essex Avenue and 75th Street). Complimentary parking available. 
 Please stop by for some refreshments, critical campaign information and take some petitions. I need to get at least 3500 signatures.
 If you are not able to attend the Kick-Off Event, please sign up here to volunteer.
 For additional information regarding the campaign and volunteer updates, please visit my website at
Thank you in advance for your support.
We are happy to offer our support.
And our vote.

Right Wingers Selling ‘Liberal Hunt Permit’

Liberal Hunting Permit

You would think after yesterday, after a United States Congresswoman was shot through the head and struggles in recovery, after a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl were shot dead, you would think, after all of that, the right-wingers would catch on.  Would start to get it.

Apparently not.

The right-wingers at are selling liberal hunting permits.

No expiration. No kidding.

Among other things, the stickers say, "Also Valid at School Board Meetings, Polling Places and City Council Meetings."

No kidding.

Another version adds, "No Bag Limit – Tagging Not Required. May be used while under the influence of Alcohol. May be used to Hunt Liberals at Gay Pride Parades, Democrat [sic] Conventions, Union Rallys [sic], Handgun Control Meetings, News Media Association, Lesbian Luncheons and Hollywood Functions."

Available for sale now at

No kidding.

Liberal Hunting Permit

Welcome to conservative America.

Coward Shoots 5-Year-Old Angel in Chicago

This is horribly ugly.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

A young girl was killed after being struck by a stray bullet in a Far South Side shooting that also left two other children injured Tuesday night, police said.

The three children were shot at 7:55 p.m. near Indiana Avenue and 107th Street, according to Calumet Area detectives.

The children were hit by stray bullets after two men on bicycles fired shots and fled, a police source said.

Police said a young girl was shot dead at the scene.

Fire officials said a 5-year-old girl was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in very critical condition.

A 7-year-old was also shot and was taken to Roseland Community Hospital by her mother, Fire Media Affairs Chief Joe Roccalsalva said. She was listed in good condition. Police indicated the child may have suffered a graze wound.

Yolanda White, a neighborhood resident, said the shooting stemmed from an earlier confrontation near 108th Street and Indiana Avenue. That argument then escalated to a larger confrontation between people in the neighborhood, she said.

Gunfire broke out and everybody started running, White said.

The only thing we know for certain: the shooter was a coward.

Another Angel Shot and Killed in Chicago: 5-Year-Old Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson

This one is haunting.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

The inseparable twin boys were all set to start school today. They even had their clothes laid out.

But on the eve of the start of school, while playing with what they thought was a toy gun Monday night, one of the 5-year-old twins was accidentally shot in the abdomen and killed, police and relatives said.

Sources said one of the twins may have accidentally shot his brother, although the shooting was still being probed.

Killed was Jonathan Jackson of the 700 block of South California in the Lawndale neighborhood, authorities said. He also suffered a graze wound to his hand, suggesting he didn’t pulled the trigger, a source said.

Jonathan and his twin brother had just taken a bath and were playing in their pajamas in their bedroom when the tragic accident happened, said their great uncle, Bruce Prince. The boys’ great-grandmother was in the kitchen, their grandmother was in bed and their mother was on the stoop.

“Everybody heard the gunshot,” Prince said. Then “there was chaos.”

The surviving brother “walked out of the bedroom and then John crawled out. He was in a lot of pain. They thought it was a toy gun.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, and especially with the young one lost, and the young one left behind.

Another Child Shot in Chicago – Do We Care Anymore?

From ABC 7 News in Chicago:

A teenage boy was shot and critically wounded Sunday afternoon in the city’s Roseland neighborhood.

The 14-year-old, identified by his family as Kionn Rogers, was shot in the chest in the Far South Side area at approximately 1:45 p.m. in the 10700-block of South Wentworth.

He reportedly is visiting from Springfield amd [sic] was riding his bike at the time of the shooting.

Riding on his bike at the time of the shooting.

Have we grown numb in Chicago to these reports? Seems they happen every day.

Are we ready to take a look at why these shootings happen? It’s not about "them," or "those people," after all. Somehow, it’s about us.

"They" are "us." "We" are "them."

How can we all get that? Understand that?

Dying Chicago Teen: ‘Tell My Mom That I Love Her’

From the Chicago Tribune:

Jeremiah Sterling ran away from the gunman pursuing him through a yard near his home in the Far South Side’s West Pullman neighborhood, but the teen didn’t make it.

As he laying dying, shot at least seven times, he gave a friend one last request: "I want you to tell my mom that I love her."

Sterling, 16, who was identified by family members but whose identity has not been released by authorities, was shot about 3:40 p.m. today in alley in the 11500 block of South May Street, between Aberdeen and May streets, according to Chicago Police News Affairs.

The boy initially was in critical condition on the scene, and died soon after, said Dwyer, who did not have information about where the boy may have been taken for treatment. Family members said Sterling, who lived on the 11500 block of South May Street, was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

Police said he died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Sixteen years young.

Chicago Approves Tough New Gun Restrictions

From the Sun-Times:

Grumbling about a U.S. Supreme Court they say is out of touch with America’s cities, Chicago aldermen voted 45-0 today to approve a rushed-through compromise gun ban.

The law, weaker than the gun ban tossed out Monday but with some even stronger new provisions, allows adults in Chicago to buy one gun a month, 12 a year, but they must pay registration and permit fees and take five hours of training.

Within 100 days, anyone who wants to keep a gun in the city will have to register, get their training and pay the fees. Also within 100 days, any of the estimated 10,000 Chicagoans convicted of a gun offense will have to register at their local police station like sex offenders.

That last bit took me by surprise.

It better hold up in court. I like it.

Al Sharpton at Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ Funeral: ‘This Child is the Breaking Point’

From AOL News:

Civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton gave a rousing eulogy Saturday for a 7-year-old girl killed in a police raid, challenging the hundreds of mourners to take responsibility and help stop a spiral of violence that has swept the city.

Sharpton lobbed some criticism at Detroit police, whose explanation of how Aiyana Stanley-Jones died from a gunshot has been contradicted by the girl’s family. But he mostly offered a broad cultural message to a city where at least three children and an officer have been killed in recent weeks.

"I’d rather tell you to start looking at the man in the mirror. We’ve all done something that contributed to this," he said referring to Aiyana’s death.

"This is it," Sharpton said at Second Ebenezer Church. "This child is the breaking point.

The congregation stood and applauded Sharpton, the final speaker at a nearly two-hour service that included stirring gospel music and remarks from clergy.

Aiyana was shot in the neck while sleeping on a couch May 16. Police hunting for a murder suspect say an officer’s gun accidentally fired inside the house after he was jostled by, or collided with, her grandmother. A stun grenade was also thrown through a window.

I was really touched listening to Rev. Sharpton. We must all share responsibility for Aiyana’s death. This is not about something that happened to "the others" in Detroit. This happened to some of us who happen to live in Detroit.

Chicago’s Bloody Thursday: 15 People Shot In Six Hours

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Fifteen people were shot — including one man who died — all over the city Thursday night in just under six hours.

At 5:30 p.m. a 16-year-old boy was shot in the arm on the North Side in the 5000 block of North Kenmore Avenue, according to police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala.

The boy did not suffer life threatening injuries and was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Zala said.

At 6:37 p.m. a 19-year-old man playing basketball in Cole Park, 8500 S. King Dr., was shot after trying to break up a fight. He was taken to Jackson Park Hospital in good condition, police said.

A 21-year-old man was shot in the mid-section at 6:48 p.m. in the 4500 block of West Altgeld Street, according to Zala.

At 7:15 p.m. four men were shot in the 7700 block of South Loomis Boulevard, according to Zala.

Fire Media Affairs Director Larry Langford said one 31-year-old man was taken in critical condition to John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County, one 19-year-old was taken to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood in an unidentified condition and a 24-year-old suffered a graze wound and was taken to Stroger.

A fourth man was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn with a gunshot wound to the leg, Langford said.

What the hell are we doing to each other? What kind of world are we leaving to our children? This is not about them shooting those people. This is about us and the world in which we have decided we wish to live.

What the hell are we doing with the time we’ve been given?

Coward Shoots 7-Year-Old Desiree Sanders on Chicago’s South Side (Video)

This is as sad as sad gets.

From ABC 7 News Chicago:

A 7-year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot on the city’s South Side.

It happened on the southeast corner of the intersection of 80th and Manistee.

Desiree Sanders was out playing on the sidewalk outside of her home when she was shot.

Police were combing the area Wednesday evening for evidence and trying to talk to any witnesses in the neighborhood.

She was not the intended target, police say.

Seven years old.