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Let Texas Secede!

Nate Silver at did a decent analysis of politics in a post-Texan-secession United States.  As he puts it, if Texans follow the charge of Governor Rick Perry, Democrats would control Congress with a fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and Republicans would be severely weakened.

Here are a few of Nate’s key points:

  • If Texas were not in the Union, the Democrats would currently have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate — or at least they would once Al Franken gets seated. This is because, in a 98-seat Senate, only 59 votes would be required to break a filibuster.
  • If Texas were not in the Union, the Republicans would operate from a significantly weakened position in the House, since the net 8-vote advantage their congressional delegation gives them in the state (they have 20 seats to the Democrats’ 12) is by far their largest.
  • If Texas were not in the Union, George W. Bush would never have become President in 2000 — not because he’d be constitutionally ineligible (Bush, despite his Texas twang, was born in posh New Haven, Connecticut). Rather, he wouldn’t have had enough Electoral Votes to defeat Al Gore.

Let Texas secede!  Let’s build a wall to keep out the illegal Texans who try to cross our borders!  Give the Republicans their own country!  Let them have little government or no government, executions on every street corner, no health care, no welfare, no social security!  Let them “Drill, Baby Drill!” until they’re drunk on oil as the United States of America freely moves away from oil to green technology!  Let’s impose huge tariffs on imports from Texas!

Let the lunatics run the asylum!  Let Texas go!

Enough exclamation points for you?  Notice I’m not classifying this one under “Humor.”  This Republican idea has promise.

Baracknophobia – From Jon Stewart

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This is hilarious. Jon Stewart on the far right’s Prophets of Doom.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Release 2009 Schedule

The Pittsburgh Steelers have released their 2009 schedule.  Last year was a difficult schedule.  This year’s is a bit easier.  That doesn’t mean it will be a cakewalk.  I always remember Heraclitus, “You can’t step in the same river twice.”

This year is a different river, and we all remember what happened after the 2005 season.

But 2006 was a different river also.

The Steelers will face five teams that made it to the playoffs last year: the Baltimore Ravens, who they will face at hom and away; the Tensessee Titans, who they will face at home; the Minnesota Vikings, who they will face at home;  San Diego Chargers, again at home;  and Miami Dolphins, who they will meet in Miami.

The Steelers will face some teams that should be cakewalks, but those are the ones that usually take you by surprise.  These include the flacid Detroit Lions, who went 0-16 last year; the Kansas City Chiefs, who had two wins last year; and both whimpy powerhouses from Ohio, Cleveland and Cincinnati, both 4-12 last year.

Would it be great if they made it to the final dance again?

Here’s the schedule:

Steelers Pre-Season
Date Opponent Kickoff
Thursday, Aug. 13 Arizona Cardinals 8 p.m.
Saturday Aug. 22 at Washington Redskins 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 29 Buffalo Bills 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 3 at Carolina Panthers 8 p.m.
Steelers Regular Season
Date Opponent Kickoff
Thursday, Sept. 10 Tennessee Titans 8:30 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 20 at Chicago Bears 4:15 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 27 at Cincinnati Bengals 1 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 4 San Diego Chargers 8:20 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 11 at Detroit Lions 1 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 18 Cleveland Browns 1 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 25 Minnesota Vikings 1 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 1 Bye
Monday, Nov. 9 at Denver Broncos 8:30 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 15 Cincinnati Bengals 1 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 22 at Kansas City Chiefs 1 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 29 at Baltimore Ravens 8:20 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 6 Oakland Raiders 1 p.m.
Thursday, Dec. 10 at Cleveland Browns 8:20 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 20 Green Bay Packers 1 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 27 Baltimore Ravens 1 p.m.
Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010 at Miami Dolphins 1 p.m.

Bring On Senator Al Franken

I saw Al Franken in Chicago a few years ago.  Still regret that I didn’t stand and applaud when he walked on the stage for a live broadcast of Air America Radio.  We all stood and applauded Senator Dick Durbin.

That was the right thing to do.  I’m a big fan of Sen. Dick Durbin.

But I always regretted not standing for Al.  No one else did, either.  He was the first on stage, and if I had stood, others would have as well.

It’s okay.  I got over my guilt by donating to the Al Franken campaign.  You should too.

In all fairness to Al, he came out to warm up the crowd.  After he warmed us up, we all felt more comfortable being ourselves, and standing or Senator Durbin.

Enough of that already.

Al Franken has won.  It’s over.

But FORMER SENATOR Norm Coleman (Is it Goldman?  Sorry.  Forgive my Bird Cage flash back.) plans to appeal and keep Franken out of the U.S. Senate for as long as possible.  And Minnesota be damned.

Al Franken has won.  It is over.

Norm, good luck with your future endeavors.

Well done, Al.  I look forward to standing for you some day soon.

Republicans Crouch for April 15 Teabagging Fest

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I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

MSNBC has come up with every conceivable means of describing the great Republican Teabagging Festival set to begin tomorrow without actually coming out and defining the slang term “teabagging.”

I’m close to tears with laughter.

Take this, for example, from tonight’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann: “FOX news can’t keep it’s mouth shut about teabagging.”

And again from Olbermann, rich with the double entendres, “You’ve got Dick Army teabagging the nation.  Are you sure Howard Stern isn’t behind this?”

Yet again, “Of course, we already know how Bill O’Reilly crouches on this issue.”

Good luck to all our Republican teabagging friends.  Thank your leadership for us!

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Glenn Beck’s Obama Derangement Syndrome

Visit Media Matters for America.

News from the Blagosphere: Rod Runs to Cameras at Arraignment

“You have the right to remain silent.”  Words to live by in some situations.

Rod Blagojevich can’t keep his mouth shut.

Blago ran to the media today, and even stopped for a pedestrian who asked to take a picture with him.

The former Illinois governor entered a plea of, “Not guilty.”

The media continuously refers to Blago with the adjective “disgraced.”  If I do that here, that’s fine.  This is my blog, and you know this is news and commentary interwoven.  But for the media to do that in broadcasts about Blago is wildly inappropriate.

Is the media responding to our desire for commentary?  Why were we so attentive to Walter Cronkite decades ago?  Cronkite gave us THE NEWS.  Is the mainstream media giving up on 24/7 news and giving in to 24/7 commentary?

That’s fine for the blogosphere.  Not for the media.

Back to our reason for writing today, which is news from the Blagosphere, not blogosphere…

Rod Blagojevich may run out of money soon for his defense.   If that happens, he will run to the talk shows and even more cameras.  It’s only our ability to turn the channel that will keep him silent.

Sign Petition to Break Up the Banks is circulating a petition, and I would encourage you to click through to their site and sign this petition:

Treasury Secretary Geithner proposed a $1 trillion plan to help Wall Street make a killing buying “toxic assets” with our tax dollars and guarantees. And he proposed a complex regulatory scheme to keep huge financial institutions from wrecking our economy once again.

But there’s a better and simpler solution: break up those huge financial institutions. If they’re “too big to fail,” then they’re too big to exist.

Returning to the banks and insurance companies that existed before the Reagan era would not hurt our economy. As Paul Krugman writes, “that boring, primitive financial system serviced an economy that doubled living standards over the course of a generation.”

Our friends at A New Way Forward have a plan:

NATIONALIZE: Insolvent banks that are too big to fail must incur a temporary FDIC intervention – no more blank check taxpayer handouts. (see Paul Krugman on nationalization)

REORGANIZE: Current CEOs and board members must be removed and bonuses wiped out. The financial elite must share in the cost of what they have caused. (see Simon Johnson on reorganizing)

DECENTRALIZE: Banks must be broken up and sold back to the private market with new antitrust rules in place – new banks, managed by new people. Any bank that’s “too big to fail” means that it’s too big for a free market to function. (see Mike Lux on decentralization)

Thank you for your consideration on this matter!

Media Whores Randall Terry, Fred Phelps Coming to Notre Dame

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame!

Notre Dame President Fr. Dan Jenky will not rescind the university’s invitation to invite President Barack Obama to give the 2009 Commencement address at Notre Dame and receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.  Jenky is right to stand by his invitation.

The invitation has drawn the attention of two media whores: radical pro-life activist Randall Terry and radical closeted anti-gay activist Fred Phelps.

Randall Terry respects life so much that he once arranged to have a dead fetus sent to Bill Clinton at the 1992 Democratic National Convention.  No word on where or how he procured the fetus.

Terry tells The Observer that his movement had, regretfully, fallen out of the spotlight, and needed a boost.  He said he first heard the news that Obama was going to Notre Dame last month:

“And when we came back, and I followed the news of President Obama’s invitation, a light went off in my head, that, that’s the line,” Terry said. It was the “golden opportunity,” as he called it, for the pro-life movement.

So Terry packed his bags and moved himself and his family – his wife and four children – to South Bend just a week after the announcement was made. And he’s staying, he said, until the Commencement ceremonies on May 17.

“We’ve already got over 20 local volunteers, within the next 10 days we will have six full time staff on the ground. Many local alumni are bending over backward to help us because of their outrage at this,” Terry said.

Terry has already held press conferences at ND.

Members of Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church have also announced their intention to picket the Notre Dame Commencement.  The group was in Pittsburgh today picketing the funerals of the three police officers shot and killed last week.

I won’t link to Phelps’ Web site — don’t care to contribute to his Google page rank.  But the site does indicate that Fred and his group will picket at ND.  Their rationale?

Obama Hates you, take U 2 Hell! E Angela Blvd & N Notre Dame Ave How appropriate that the biggest pedophile mill in the whole entire world would have Beast Obama speaking at their 2009 Commencement.

And it goes on from there.

Terry has pledged to “make a circus” of the Commencement.  Well, the stage is set.  Phelps and Terry will have to compete for the spotlight.

Who will win?

Time to call out the angels.