“You have the right to remain silent.”  Words to live by in some situations.

Rod Blagojevich can’t keep his mouth shut.

Blago ran to the media today, and even stopped for a pedestrian who asked to take a picture with him.

The former Illinois governor entered a plea of, “Not guilty.”

The media continuously refers to Blago with the adjective “disgraced.”  If I do that here, that’s fine.  This is my blog, and you know this is news and commentary interwoven.  But for the media to do that in broadcasts about Blago is wildly inappropriate.

Is the media responding to our desire for commentary?  Why were we so attentive to Walter Cronkite decades ago?  Cronkite gave us THE NEWS.  Is the mainstream media giving up on 24/7 news and giving in to 24/7 commentary?

That’s fine for the blogosphere.  Not for the media.

Back to our reason for writing today, which is news from the Blagosphere, not blogosphere…

Rod Blagojevich may run out of money soon for his defense.   If that happens, he will run to the talk shows and even more cameras.  It’s only our ability to turn the channel that will keep him silent.