I saw Al Franken in Chicago a few years ago.  Still regret that I didn’t stand and applaud when he walked on the stage for a live broadcast of Air America Radio.  We all stood and applauded Senator Dick Durbin.

That was the right thing to do.  I’m a big fan of Sen. Dick Durbin.

But I always regretted not standing for Al.  No one else did, either.  He was the first on stage, and if I had stood, others would have as well.

It’s okay.  I got over my guilt by donating to the Al Franken campaign.  You should too.

In all fairness to Al, he came out to warm up the crowd.  After he warmed us up, we all felt more comfortable being ourselves, and standing or Senator Durbin.

Enough of that already.

Al Franken has won.  It’s over.

But FORMER SENATOR Norm Coleman (Is it Goldman?  Sorry.  Forgive my Bird Cage flash back.) plans to appeal and keep Franken out of the U.S. Senate for as long as possible.  And Minnesota be damned.

Al Franken has won.  It is over.

Norm, good luck with your future endeavors.

Well done, Al.  I look forward to standing for you some day soon.