True Majority Action

I received an email from our friends at True Majority Action, our friends who bring us Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Today is Hiroshima Day. In remembrance, True Majority Action is calling our attention to a disturbing fact:

Today is Hiroshima Day, the 62nd anniversary of the first atomic bomb attack in history.

We’ve come up with a 90-second video that shows the truth in a simple way you’ll never forget. (click here to watch it).

Hiroshima Day is a time to remember the dead, but let’s also work toward a saner, safer future. Please send the E-card to as many people as you can. You’ll be commemorating the day while at the same time spreading crucial information needed to stop the craziness.

No more Hiroshimas,

Ben Kroetz
TrueMajorityACTION Field Director

For more information about America’s nuclear arsenal and other unnecessary Pentagon weapons, please click here

I thought we had scaled back our nuclear arsenal significantly from the 70s.  Evidently not that much.