Stop by The Bad Astronomy Blog today, and take a look at this excellent entry/rant by Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer. There exists a book at Grand Canyon National Park titled Grand Canyon: A Different View. Different, yes. It tells the story of how the Grand Canyon was formed in a matter of days during, you guessed it, Noah’s Flood.

Poor Noah. The Hebrew Creation Myth is destroyed yet again.

I penned a review to this book at

A true wolf in sheep’s clothing. I can’t believe that people of faith — any faith — would believe this garbage. And, what, if we don’t like this book we’ll burn for all eternity? I don’t recall reading that in the Bible anywhere.

Because it’s not there.

Virtually every Scripture Scholar in the world understands the beautiful teachings of the Christian Creation Myths, and their importance. If you really believe that the story of Adam and Eve is really about two naked little people running around in the woods stealing fruit, well, you won’t burn for all eternity — you’re just missing the many profound points of the Creation Myths in the Bible.

This book is an insult to believers everywhere.

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