With the death of Saddam Hussein, many are worried about the propensity for more violence in Iraq — and here in the States. The Associated Press reports at least 56 people died and scores were wounded in the immediate aftermath of his hanging. There were two nearly simultaneous explosions in one Baghdad neighborhood, and other south of the capital.

But the quote of the day belongs to one of our fine soldiers on the front line in Iraq:

U.S. troops cheered as news of Saddam’s execution appeared on television at the mess hall at Forward Operating Base Loyalty in eastern Baghdad. But some soldiers expressed doubt that Saddam’s death would be a significant turning point for Iraq.

“First it was weapons of mass destruction. Then when there were none, it was that we had to find Saddam. We did that, but then it was that we had to put him on trial,” said Spc. Thomas Sheck, 25, who is on his second tour in Iraq. “So now, what will be the next story they tell us to keep us over here?”

It’s impossible to predict what will actually happen in Iraq, as the president has seen time and time again. One thing is certain, whatever happens, it will not be what Bush planned.

Bring them all home now.