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Is Donald Trump Talking To Portraits Of Past Presidents Yet?

Crazy Donald Trump

Crazy Donald TrumpAh, Donald.

The Donald.

The Don.


Donnie T.

Crazy Donald.

Are you talking to portraits of past presidents yet?

You know, Richard Nixon did that.

You say you like Andrew Jackson, that the two of you are BFFs.

But you really should get to know Tricky Dicky, the original Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon.

Are you a liar, Donnie T?

As you laze about The Big Oval, or wander the Residence at night in your bathrobe, are you taking time to smell the paintings? Are you spending time talking to Andrew Jackson, or do you just admire him from afar?

James Comey testified today. For how long will your crew insulate you? For how long will the GOP spew out parseltongue, protecting you from yourself?

Were you really that ill prepared, as Speaker Paul Ryan suggests? Are you just too new at all of this? Are we to believe that James Comey is really to blame because he did not tell you that it was inappropriate for you to meet with him alone? Was it really up to Comey to correct you, sir, when you asked AG Jeff Sessions and Jared to leave The Big Oval so you could spend quality time with Mr. Comey?

Is there anything at all for which you will take responsibility?

How long until a new David Frost interviews you, after you’re, you know, out of office?

Is there a contemporary Dan Aykroyd in your future, sir Trump? Will Alec Baldwin be the ultimate closer for you on SNL?

The sooner the better.

Some day, some day soon, this….

Sarah Palin on SNL – Not Too Funny

After almost a week of hype, the real Sarah Palin’s few minutes on the opening of this week’s Saturday Night Live concluded with a whimper.

She really wasn’t that funny.

She took some clever ribbing from Alex Baldwin during the opening scene.  Tina Fey began the show with her spot-on impersonation.

The spot on Weekend Update was a bit better, but the cast really carried the show.  Amy Poehler rapped and danced with other crew members while Palin sat at the desk, dancing a bit in her seat.  The beginning of this sketch showed Palin seated at the desk apparently refusing to do the bit they had rehearsed.  Poehler took up the rap while Palin sat uncomfortably and listened.

Her appearance fell a bit flat.

All in all, I think Tina Fey does the better Sarah Palin.

Gotta love Christopher Walken’s Googly Eyes

From the SNL Web site, an instant classic:

Christopher Walken’s Googly Eyes, orf Indoor Gardening Tips from a Man Who is Very Scared of Plants.
“Winston Churchill once said, ‘The eyes are the windows of your FACE.'”