After almost a week of hype, the real Sarah Palin’s few minutes on the opening of this week’s Saturday Night Live concluded with a whimper.

She really wasn’t that funny.

She took some clever ribbing from Alex Baldwin during the opening scene.  Tina Fey began the show with her spot-on impersonation.

The spot on Weekend Update was a bit better, but the cast really carried the show.  Amy Poehler rapped and danced with other crew members while Palin sat at the desk, dancing a bit in her seat.  The beginning of this sketch showed Palin seated at the desk apparently refusing to do the bit they had rehearsed.  Poehler took up the rap while Palin sat uncomfortably and listened.

Her appearance fell a bit flat.

All in all, I think Tina Fey does the better Sarah Palin.