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Patrick Kane Pleads Not Guilty; Looks So, So Young

I really feel for Patrick Kane’s parents.

As the father of a 23-year-old, I can’t imagine what these two are going through watching their 20-year-old son paraded in front of the cameras over misdemeanor charges for allegedly roughing up a cab driver.

He looked every one of his 20 years as he spoke to the press.

Kane is lucky he was not charged with a felony.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Blackhawks star winger Patrick Kane and his cousin pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges in Buffalo, N.Y. Thursday for allegedly roughing up a cab driver during an argument.

“Today was a tough day for us,” Kane, 20, said following his afternoon arraignment, which lasted about five minutes.

“You know, I just reiterated to the judge that I’m not guilty of any crime. . . .Right now, much more can’t be said. I’m confident in the legal process. I believe in it, and hopefully this time will be behind me.”

On Wednesday, an Erie County, N.Y. grand jury threw out the more serious second-degree robbery felony charges against Kane and his cousin, James Kane, 21, but indicted them on third-degree assault, theft of services and harassment.

The cousins’ next court date is scheduled for Thursday morning, but they are not required to appear at that hearing.

The pair, who are free without bail, are allegedly working on a plea agreement, according to the Buffalo News.

Click on the link above and read the Sun-Times’ account of the incident.  It sounds bad.

Mom and Dad, you’ll get through this.  But your son must face the music.

Neil Hayes Takes Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane to Task

It didn’t take long for the Sun-Times’ Neil Hayes to put Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane in his place.  At 20-years-old, Kane is facing a felony charge allegedly over a $0.20 dispute with a 62-year-old Buffalo cab driver.  According to police, the driver claims he was roughed up enough to have had his glasses broken.

I’ll let Hayes speak first:

Now one of the franchise’s poster boys, one of the ‘‘core’’ players the team is determined to build around, is arrested for roughing up a cabbie who couldn’t produce exact change after Kane gave him $15 for a $13.80 fare. That’s right, Hawks fans, your millionaire, high-scoring forward — who is due a lucrative contract after next season — is accused of becoming unhinged when a cab driver couldn’t find two dimes to rub together.

Let’s hope there are facts in this story that have yet to surface and will cast Kane in a less humiliating light. Otherwise, this could be the most worrisome offseason development of all for the Hawks. If true, how can anyone defend such idiotic behavior from someone so prominent in the organization?

Only two things can prevent Kane, Jonathan Toews, Kris Versteeg and other young players from becoming cornerstones: injuries or their inability to mature on and off the ice. That Kane would be accused of something so asinine does not mean that this will be the first of many such incidents. Kane has been a model citizen to this point, as far as anyone knows, and probably deserves the benefit of the doubt for that reason. The Hawks declined to comment publicly until more facts are known. Kane’s mother, when contacted by the Sun-Times, did the same, which is probably wise. But this is not a good sign.

No, it’s not a good sign.  The Blackhawks need to comment.  The ‘Hawks need to tell us that this type of alleged behavior is not fitting for a member of their organization.  The ‘Hawks need to send a message loud and clear to other young people — and adults — that this is not the way to handle a petty dispute.

“No comment” isn’t enough.

Hayes again:

The bottom line is, good as he is, Kane has to improve markedly for he and the Hawks to be the player and team they aspire to be. There are better ways to build strength, toughness and refine his all-around game than playing enforcer with cab drivers three times his age at 4 a.m. after a night on the town.

Kane reportedly has entered a plea of not guilty. If this case goes to trial, those who believe he is less star than product of NHL rule changes meant to encourage more speed and scoring might suggest he show the jury his career highlights to prove he is incapable of causing bodily harm. Then again, he could’ve avoided the whole ugly episode had he uttered three simple words that every millionaire athlete should use in such situations: Keep the change.


Look, young people act stupidly sometimes.  So do adults.  But a millionaire allegedly roughing up a cab driver over $0.20 takes entitlement to a whole new level.

Step up, kid.  You’re not the man yet.

Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane Faces Felony Robbery Charge Allegedly Over $0.20

Chicago Blackhawks’ star winger Patrick Kane faces felony robbery and other charges over an alleged dispute with a cab driver over $0.20.

That is not a misprint.  The dispute was allegedly over $0.20 US currency.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Blackhawks star winger Patrick Kane was arrested early this morning in his hometown of Buffalo and faces robbery and other charges after allegedly assaulting a cab driver and failing to pay the fare, according to a report in the Buffalo News.

Kane, 20, and a relative, James M. Kane, 21, believed to be his cousin, are alleged to have punched the cab driver and taken back money they had given him after the driver told them he didn’t have 20 cents in coins to give them change, according to the report.

The police told the newspaper the fare was $13.80 and the two Kanes had paid the driver $15. The newspaper is reporting the cab driver told police he was punched in the face, grabbed by his throat and had his glasses broken in the altercation.

An attorney for both entered a plea of not guilty.

I wonder how much that cab ride will end up costing him now.

Anyone know his salary?