Chicago Blackhawks’ star winger Patrick Kane faces felony robbery and other charges over an alleged dispute with a cab driver over $0.20.

That is not a misprint.  The dispute was allegedly over $0.20 US currency.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Blackhawks star winger Patrick Kane was arrested early this morning in his hometown of Buffalo and faces robbery and other charges after allegedly assaulting a cab driver and failing to pay the fare, according to a report in the Buffalo News.

Kane, 20, and a relative, James M. Kane, 21, believed to be his cousin, are alleged to have punched the cab driver and taken back money they had given him after the driver told them he didn’t have 20 cents in coins to give them change, according to the report.

The police told the newspaper the fare was $13.80 and the two Kanes had paid the driver $15. The newspaper is reporting the cab driver told police he was punched in the face, grabbed by his throat and had his glasses broken in the altercation.

An attorney for both entered a plea of not guilty.

I wonder how much that cab ride will end up costing him now.

Anyone know his salary?