Never in a million years did I ever think I would be writing this. Never.

I was quite disturbed when Chicago Heights Mayor Anthony Deluca was named a state representative by Bloom Township Democratic Committeeman Terry Matthews. I wrote about my disappointment, calling Anthony a “faux Democrat.”

He has passed the test, many times over, apparently.

Deluca votes with the Democrats, according to a state senator and other colleagues of State Rep. Deluca in the Illinois House.

And he will vote with them on social issues. Anthony, a Catholic, will vote to preserve a woman’s right to choose.

Not sure where he stands on civil unions between people of the same sex. He would be well advised to vote in favor.

God, after all, gives us a choice as to whether we sin or not.  Government does not have the right to take that choice away. (That’s not from me. That is from a local conservative black Bishop.)

I don’t know if Rep. Deluca is voting with the Dems so he can stay in office.  I don’t think he would violate his conscience just for an office.  He has a nice gig in Chicago Heights if he loses.  He doesn’t need the money.

Here is my endorsement: State Rep. Anthony Deluca should remain a State Representative.

Vote for him.