Bloom Township Democratic Committeeman Terry Matthews snubbed his nose at party members, naming Chicago Heights Mayor Anthony DeLuca to replace George Scully in the state House.

Anthony DeLuca is a Republican.  He always has been a Republican, but he’s willing to call himself a Democrat for the chance to travel downstate.

This is not the first time Matthews has favored his Republican buddies in Chicago Heights over real Democrats.  Matthews threw his political weight behind another recent convert to the Democratic party, T.J. Somers, who ran for judge in the Circuit Court 15th Judicial Subcircuit against lifelong Democrat Anna Demacopoulos.  What convinced Matthews that Somers was suddenly a democrat?  Somers told Matthews that he knew the Republican party in Bloom Township was finished, and he could only get elected to office as a democrat.

Talk about your ideological shifts.

Demacopoulos soundly defeated Somers and now serves as judge.

From the Southtown Star:

DeLuca’s past affiliation with the Republican Party makes him a Republican in some Democrats’ eyes. For his part, DeLuca embraced the Democratic label Friday in a speech following his appointment but warned that he would not shun Republicans.

“We must look beyond party labels in search of good ideas,” he said. “I look forward to being a proud member of the House Democratic caucus and I will reach across the aisle if I believe that it will benefit my constituents.”

Will County Democratic Party treasurer Tom Brislane distributed a tartly worded statement after the meeting questioning DeLuca’s Democratic bonafides.

“Just what was your come-to-Jesus moment?” Brislane asked. “Did you put finger to wind and sense the winds of change and did that help you in understanding of the righteousness of our cause?”

Brislane is right on.  DeLuca is no Democrat, but he is an opportunist.

Are there any Democrats left in Bloom Township, or are there only old friends who want to give each other jobs?

We all know the answer to that.