Oh, Rod.

Why, oh why?

From the Blago Blog at the Sun-Times:

Rod Blagojevich’s closing remarks to Northwestern students had to do with his family.
"I’m real, what happened to me ain’t true. What happened to my wife and my two daughters — it’s a horrible, horrible thing.
"You can fight back. When you have the truth on your side — and the tapes — (laughter) you can fight back."
Going on about his life in politics, he says: "Thunderbolts come out of nowhere," he means this seriously but he’s met with loud laughter and sarcastic clapping. "Sometimes in life, you get your ass kicked."

First question from student — what’s his advice on ethics? "You’re going to laugh, but it’s true. Surround yourself with good lawyers."

The secret to good ethics is to have good lawyers?

Rod continues to dig himself in deep.

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