Alexi Giannoulias

Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias is scheduled to get a big boost Sunday when Jacob Meister withdraws from the Democratic primary. Meister is expected to endorse Giannoulias.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Attorney Jacob Meister will pull out of the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate Sunday and throw his support to State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, Meister said tonight.

“Alexi is well ahead in the polls,’ Meister said. “He’s going be our party’s nominee and I think we need to come together around him.”

At recent debates Meister frequently tore into challenger David Hoffman but had few cross words for Giannoulias.a

But Meister called ‘preposterous” the suggestion that he was a Giannoulias pinch-hitter from the start.

The Sun-Times says Miester is the only openly gay candidate in the race, but Meister says he is satisfied that Giannoulias is committed to the causes Meister supports.

I voted for Alexi. I hope he wins the seat. We need another good, thinking liberal in the United States Senate.

Remember, “Liberal” is a good word, especially in this case. Giannoulias is a banker, and bankers are notoriously conservative … when it comes to money. Good bankers are fiscally conservative. Giannoulias is socially liberal.

And that’s a good mix. Something no Republican understands.

More on my thoughts on today’s Republicans later. I finally have them figured out. Really. Finally.

Vote for Alexi Giannoulias. And then vote for him again in the general election.

More here at the Sun-Times.