From John Aravosis at AMERICAblog:

I’m watching ABC’s THIS WEEK with my mom, and the roundtable has Will, Cokie, Krugman, another big journalist (I forget his name), and this guy I don’t recognize. The unknown guy is making a lot of weird right-wing partisan comments, and I’m scratching my head trying to figure out who he is. Finally his name pops up on the screen: "Dan Senor, author." Hardly. Dan Senor is a former senior Bush administration official. As the only political hack on the panel, and a former Republican spokesman to boot, Senor should always be identified as such. Not to mention, where is the former Democratic official on the panel?

I stopped watching THIS WEEK during the last presidential campaign. I met and heard Cokie Roberts speak over a year ago at the Inland Press Association’s Annual Meeting in Chicago. Roberts’ big news flash was the latest bunch of poll results she had with her. That’s it. THIS WEEK likes to shape opinion, not report news.

They’re completely useless. I appreciate Mr. Aravosis keeping tabs on Stephanopoulos and company for us. He should earn battle pay for that.

Trying to pawn Dan Senor off as a mere "author" doesn’t surprise me.

Turn the channel.