I’m on board with Harry Reid’s attempt to round up 60 United States Senators for health care for all. Reid is finally calling for the public option. It’s time to choose the HEALTH OF EVERY AMERICAN above those in Congress boholden to the for-profit health insurance industry.

Want to eliminate some waste in the medical industry? How much of your premium goes to the re-election campaigns of members of Congress?

Sign Harry Reid’s petition.

From Senator Harry Reid:

When I emailed last night, I told you we were working on ideas for mobilizing support for the bill I sent to the Congressional Budget Office yesterday. Well, we did just that and decided that the best way to build support in the Senate is for me to have as many signatures from as many Americans as possible that support health insurance reform with a public option.

This way, when I ask my colleagues to support a bill with a public option, I can tell them that it’s not just me asking, it’s me AND thousands of Nevadans – AND a majority of our fellow Senators – AND thousands of voters from their home state. To do this, I need you to add your voice to mine right away.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being the Senate Majority Leader, it’s that we need strong grassroots momentum to win the support required to pass big legislation. Change isn’t easy. And big change is even more difficult. But we have the chance to deliver real health insurance reform this year, we just have to work together to convince every Senator we can that a vote for this bill is a vote on the right side of history.

Please, sign our petition today and tell your friends and family to add their names as well. Thanks so much for your support.

Together, we’ll get this done.