Well, it’s about time.  Illinois has a governor who supports the Third Airport, and this is a governor who, like it or not, says what he means and then acts accordingly.  Quite a difference from “Governor-by-Press-Conference” Blagojevich.

This is excellent news:

Gov. Pat Quinn’s renewed commitment to building a third airport near Chicago earned praise Wednesday from lawmakers in Illinois and Washington.

“We will build a third airport in the south suburbs of Chicago, and we will build it as fast as humanly possible,” Quinn said during his budget address at the state Capitol.

Quinn said the airport – talked about for years – is part of much-needed economic development efforts throughout the state.

The proposed Will County airport has been a pet project of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-2nd), who created the Abraham Lincoln National Airport Commission to bring the airport to an area near Peotone.

Congressman Jackson is very happy with this news.

The South Suburbs, long-ago orphaned economically by the rest of the state, and, in particular, Chicago, need an economic engine to become even more viable.

There are many reasons for companies to take their businesses out of Chicago and the South Suburbs.  Park Forest just saw a new grocery store open, there are incredible opportunities for development in Matteson and Richton Park, even Olympia Fields.

People in the South Suburbs have been traveling north to spend money for years.  The New Economy is changing all of that.  Fuel prices are keeping people closer to home, and this will show in local economies.

Personally, I’m very pleased with the new governor’s support of the third airport.  It’s time for this project to fly.