I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read the newsflash from the Chicago Tribune that the Republican National Committee elected Michael Steele their first black national party chairman.  The move is  “a response in part to election defeats that have left the party’s base more white and Southern at a time when the country is growing more diverse,” according to Peter Wallsten, reporting for the Trib.

Strom Thurmond must be turning over in his grave.  And Jesse Helms?  Well, he just died again.

Oy.  Yoy.  And Double Yoy!

So, the GOP is the new black?

I wonder what the Cook County Republican Party will do to match this move?

Let’s meet them.  They changed leadership — and their Web sitesince we last stopped by to visit.  Their Web site was previously Republican Red.

It is now Obama Blue.

No kidding.

Here’s their leadership:

The Chairman is Lee Roupas.  He’s white.
Eloise Gerson – City of Chicago Chairman.  She’s white too.
Eric Wallace – Co-Chairman. Yup.  White.
Doug Glick – Co-Chairman.  White.
Judy Diekelman – Treasurer.  She’s white.
Linda LaFianza– Secretary.  White.
June O’Donoghue – North Suburban District Vice Chairman.  June is white.
Michael J. Gadzinski – Central Suburban District Vice Chairman.  Gadzinski?  Don’t ask.
Sig Vaznelis – South Suburban District Vice Chairman. Sig is not from the South Side.  He’s a bit white.
Frank Capuzi – City of Chicago District Vice Chairman.  White.
Tony Castrogiovanni – Vice Chairman At Large.  Tony is white.
John Curry – Vice Chairman At Large.  He’s bright white, and his Web site loads very slowly.
Joe Hedrick – Vice Chairman At Large.  Yup.  White.

Let’s see what happens to this list over the next few weeks.

Will the GOP be successful in their ruse to fool Americans into thinking that Michael Steele is the new Barack Obama?  Americans tend to be smarter than that.  We didn’t buy it that Sarah Palin was the new Hillary.

Thanks for the laugh, GOP.  You made my day.