The man whose name became a verb, quintessential action focused on the ultimate good.  We stand together today because Rosa sat, Martin marched, and Barack chose to run.

The sun has set on Monday.  Today is the day we’ve been waiting for, in many respects, since before this country was founded.

Have any of us ever seen the surrealistic festive atmosphere in the nation’s capitol in the days leading up to a Presidential Inauguration?

I stand in awe and joy as well, but I am bruised by the past eight years.  My economic recovery has yet to occur.  I wanted to go to Washington for the festivities, actually mentioned it at work months ago.

Then things got a lot worse, and the financial collapse hit much too close to home.  Things may get worse at home before they get better, indeed.

So I will stand and laugh and cry and pray tomorrow as Barack raises his right hand, and I will promise to hope for the future, focusing on the ultimate good.

Because we all stand taller today.  All of us.  And we must never let anything bring us down again.