Senator McCain has consistently mistated Senator Obama’s policy on Pakistan.  Obama has repeatedly stated that Al Qaida is the target, and if Pakistan can’t or won’t pursue Bin Laden or Al Qaida, then the United States must.

That’s it.

John “Bomb-Bomb-Bomb, Bomb-Bomb-Iran” McCain keeps saying Barack wants to invade Pakistan.

Horribly off base, John.

Barack Obama can see gray.  Barack Obama is demonstrating a clear ability to under the complexity of many issues.  McCain barely comprehends his own sound bites.

Mike Kean, a friend of mine writing from the University of Illinois, pointed this out as well, “Obama simply answered the question about going into Pakistan by saying that if the Pakistani government was incapable of fighting Al Qaeda, he would support sending troops across the border to fight them. Then, McCain spent his entire response going on and on about Teddy Roosevelt saying that he needs to talk softly and carry a big stick and claiming that Obama was saying he would invade Pakistan. That’s not at all what Obama was saying. Then Obama had a rebuttal, repeating what he already said, and McCain came back and said the same thing again, blatantly misrepresenting what Obama. I dont know what’s worse: whether McCain thinks that the American people wouldn’t notice, or that most Americans probably didn’t notice what McCain was doing.

“All around this campaign has been frustrating as hell throughout the whole damn thing.”