The second Presidential Debate is still in progress, about 55 minutes in.

Look, we all know Tom Brokaw favors John McCain, but he has repeatedly scolded Senator Obama so far as if he was talking to the hired help.  The most obvious was a few minutes ago when he reminded Barack that there are lights on stage that tell the speakers when to stop.  Barack laughed politely in response.

Senator McCain is talking right now.  I’m looking at a red light.  McCain has talked well past the red light.  McCain stops.  Nothing from Brokaw.  Instead, another softball lob to McCain about health care.

Barack is talking about health care. Brokaw is trying to interrupt him, “Senator, we have to move on now.”

Does Brokaw have a book coming out about McCain?

ADDENDUM: 1 hour 23 minutes in, Brokaw thanks McCain for speaking, invites Obama to respond by saying, “Senator Obama, we’re winding down so we have to keep track of the time.”

Now Senator Obama is concluding his remarks, and Brokaw just cut him off again.  McCain consistently gets a free pass.