Bill Foster is running an amazing campaign for Congress in the 14th District, Illinois. Endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, Foster has gained a reputation for being smart, wise and honest.

Jim Oberweis, a perennial candidate for whatever-is-next, published literature with fictional people, complete with stock photographs. From an editorial in the Chicago Tribune:

Rob Wadsworth is a firefighter. His wife, Amanda, works as an office assistant. They live in Yorkville and get by OK on $73,000 a year. They have a mop-headed little boy and a cute little girl. Take a look at their photo here. Aren’t they just adorable?

Well, life’s not all rosy for the Wadsworths. Rob likes to hit the tavern with his buddies after work, so Amanda basically has two jobs because someone has to ride herd on the kids — one’s a chronic shoplifter, the other likes to play with matches and neither of them can recite the alphabet without prompting — and Rob says he’d come home if Amanda’s hag of a mother wasn’t there all the time …

Actually, we made up that last part … but who cares? Jim Oberweis made up the Wadsworths!

Pols are often criticized for alleged dishonesty. The voters of the 14th District considering voting for Oberweis should seriously consider taking a second look at Foster. The man carries endorsements from a string of Nobel Prize winners — not that the Nobel Prize qualifies anyone to choose the next congressman. But their endorsement is extremely impressive, nonetheless.

The Washington Post has taken notice of the race:

In a race that has become surprisingly close, voters will decide today whether a Republican dairy magnate or a Democratic scientist will fill out the remainder of former Republican House speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s term in Illinois’ 14th District.

Our Democratic scientist should be commended — and elected.  This one is well within reach, and Republicans and Democrats in the district should take a good look at Bill Foster.

Oberweis’ own actions raise too many credibility issues. The right choice for Congress is clearly Bill Foster.