A horrible story out of Chicago this morning:

An Oak Forest man set a fire that killed his pregnant daughter, son-in-law and young grandson because he was upset over his daughter’s marriage, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Subhash Chander, 57, told police that he resented the couple for what he considered a “cultural slight” — that his daughter Monika Rani, 22, had married a man from a lower caste and done so without his consent, according to a court document.

One person commented on the story, saying the problem is immigration — all immigration should be stopped.  That’s completely off-base.  Do we really think this is a problem that politicians can fix, and immigration is the root cause?

The overwhelming vast majority of immigrants and “home-grown” are wonderful people, but we have major problems.  This one is simply horribly sad.

Why not ask the big questions instead of shooting from the hip?  Yes, the man should be prosecuted.  But our already over-burdened legal system will not and cannot fix the problem.

One of the big questions is, “How do we create a society where there is less violence?”  More laws won’t do it.  “Three strikes and you’re out” is just a silly placebo.  Politicians are ancillary.

Stop immigration?  We’re fooling ourselves.

This is the most violent country in the world outside of a war zone.  Face it — we have real problems here.  And the root cause is not immigration, socioeconomics, class, caste, race, sex, too many guns, too few guns, gay marriage, divorce, abortion, or anything else.  For some reason, Americans resort to violence first, and ask questions later.

The law is a last resort after everything else has gone to Hell.  We need to seriously ask ourselves how we can create a society where people do not resort to violence as a first option.