The fraternities probably do not sport Greek letters, but there is no doubt that George Bush has succeeded in building the most largest and most impressive terrorism university the world has ever known. Welcome to Terrorism U., Iraq. In fact, al Qaida members who survive Iraq are in high demand throughout the world. According to a report on KDKA’s web site in Pittsburgh:

“If you survive that, you’re able to do anything, essentially,” said Thomas Sanderson of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Sanderson, an expert in global terror threats, is preparing to publish a year-long study tracking foreign fighters. CBS News took a look at the report.

“You have that impact that says ‘I survived that all of those factor, all of those groups that were arrayed against me,’ and that gives you a sense of infallibility and lethality,” Sanderson said.

In an audiotape posted on the Internet, one insurgent leader describes it this way: If Afghanistan was a school, says Abu Omar al Baghdadi, Iraq is a university of terrorism. (emphasis mine)

The incredible thing is, George’s war has succeeded in something.  We are helping to train the toughest terrorists the world has ever known.  Those who live through Iraq are the best of the best, and they’re in high demand.  They learn “how to miniaturize bombs, how to surveil, how to countersurveil, how to snipe, how to escape.”  In short, they learn everything necessary to lead al Qaeda well into the future.

But they do know they’re part of a new generation of terrorists. In the words of one analyst, they are “rock stars” to their followers trained in war, committed to destruction and some of them may be headed our way.

Rock stars, indeed.

Wouldn’t it be sweet irony if those really in charge of Iraq’s Terrorism University were to award President Bush with an honorary degree?  Perhaps they could invite him to speak at their next commencement?

He’s done so much for them already.