George Bush

There are no words that adequately sum up the legacy of the worst president in United States history. I never thought I would have to admit that. I suppose someone will make a strong case for running one of the other chaps who led this nation up the , “Worst President Ever,” flagpole, but I don’t see that anyone else will compare. Yes, the president most likely had to go to to figure out what the title of this article actually is saying.
Lost is any respect this county has ever earned. Lost is any dignity we ever possessed. Lost is any moral authority we might ever have claimed. Lost is our economy. Lost is our drive. Lost is our science. Lost, our imagination, our pride, our love of neighbor.

“Go shopping,” he told us after 9/11. That will show “the terrorists.”

And many of us went shopping.

Today, the president vetoed a Stem Cell Research bill. He said:

“The Congress has sent me legislation that would compel American taxpayers, for the first time in our history, to support the deliberate destruction of human embryos,” Bush said.

Word up, George. Those embryos are going to be destroyed. Will you adopt them? Perhaps Laura will agree to artificial insemination? Add them to the many children the two of you have adopted?

Someone in Washington needs to wake up now and grow some.

Instead, what games are we playing? Send $25 to Barack Obama so I can maybe have dinner with him? Help Hillary pick a song?

We need leadership in Washington now. We’re not getting it from the president. The Republicans have lost credibility. Our only hope is the Democrats, united, now. Right, maybe we get the White House within the next two years. Maybe we don’t. But we never will unless we show some damned leadership right here, right now.

And it’s not happening.

And King George the Puerile continues to play.