Watching Oprah Winfrey this morning only reaffirms for me how out of touch the poor gal is. Her show is airing her road trip with best friend Gayle. We’re being treated to their crazy high jinks in, Oprah and Gayle’s Big Adventure, a la Pee Wee Herman. We get to join the fun as the dynamic duo as they get in a car and <gasp> drive someplace.

In this riveting documentary, we watch as Queen “O” does such shocking things as:

Pump her own gas. In this compelling segment, Queen “O” actually learns how to pump gas. She confesses that the last time she pumped her own gas was during the Reagan years, 1983. Here the audience laughs merrily. They love their Queen.

Pays for her own gas with <gasp> CASH! Here we learn how shocked Queen “O” is to learn that she actually misread the pump display. She thought the gas cost just over $29. But pal Gayle informs her that she pumped over 29 gallons, and actually owes over $129 for the gas! Again there is merry laughter from the audience, especially when Queen “O” opens her wallet to actually show us that she does not have $129!? Oh, can we all relate to that.? She’s just one of us after all.

Oprah is really becoming a sad commentary on our worship of wealth in this country.? Her Big Secret? just reaffirms how out of touch the gal really is.? That’s where we learn that the sick and the poor of the world are actually sick and poor because they don’t visualize themselves any better.? This road trip simply reaffirms my Big Secret:

I’m sick of Oprah.