Matt DrudgeThe right-wing media must be idiots, and their readership not much better.

Now they’re comparing King George II Bush to Bill Clinton: we should not pay any attention to White House involvement in the firing of 8 U.S. attorneys because Bill Clinton did the same thing. In fact, Bill Clinton fired all U.S. attorneys! tells the tale:

From the Drudge Report to the Fox News Channel to the Wall Street Journal editorial page, the usual suspects are shrieking in unison:

Bill Clinton fired a lot of U.S. attorneys too! In fact Clinton was worse because he fired all of them at once! And the Democrats didn’t complain when Clinton did the same thing!

What’s very sad is that the mainstream media just picks this nonsense up and runs it. Here we are with Blame Bill Part XLI, and the “responsible” media doesn’t seem to get it. I suppose it’s much easier to simply report what other people have said on their blogs or websites than it would be to actually go out and investigate whether anything at all on any particular website is the least bit true or hopelessly full of shit.

And why anyone would publish anything Matt Drudge says without checking for veracity first is beyond the scope of reason. Nothing from Drudge, a gay man who backs the gay bashers, should not be taken at face value.

And yet, the song remains the same.? The “Right” speaks, and the mainstream media publishes as if everything that trickles off a blog is a press release.

What a country.