Well, at last. And the Senate is capping off the House vote Saturday with a “rare weekend session,” according to ThePittsburghChannel.com.

Leave it to the Democrats to actually make Congress start to work.

The NYTimes reports that 17 Republicans broke ranks and voted with the Democrats in the House, and the Democrats in the House were virtually unanimous. The Republicans echoed the same-old, same-old that cost them Congress in the first place, the NYTimes reports:

And one Republican after another rose in opposition, accusing the Democrats of rushing to judgment without giving the president’s new security plan a chance to work and warning that a vote for the resolution would embolden America’s enemies and damage the morale of its fighting men and women.

The non-binding resolution passed by a healthy 246 to 182 vote.

Hurry it up, Blue, and get a clue, Red. 3,133 American soldiers dead in Iraq as of this writing, along with 56,468 to 62,189 Iraqi civilians.