Rich East High School in Park Forest needs your support.  The school always seems to be the last priorty for School District 227.  Hopefully that will change with the election of recent Rich East grad Alyssa Hernandez.

A group of dedicated community members have formed a Booster Club to support the school.

From eNews Park Forest:

Excitement is building this new school year for the Rich East High School Community in Park Forest, IL. The PTSO and the Booster Club have joined together to form the Rockets Booster Club.

Already over 100 members have signed up.

The Rockets Booster Club announced the newly formed union at the Rich Township Board meeting at the District Office in Olympia Fields, IL on August 6, 2009.

Anyone interested in becoming involved is asked to call the Director of Recruitment, Donna Helton-Taylor at 708.747.9156 or taylor156 (at)

The Rockets Booster Club meet the second Monday of every month in the Rich East Media Center at 6:30 p.m. All Rich Township Community members are welcome. Membership is only $10.00.

Rich East High School was the first school in what would later become School District 227.  For years now, I’ve heard former teachers and alumni lament what was, and hope for what could be again.

Do your part.  Support the Rockets Booster Club.