Now it’s purely political.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) has not been arrested, only implicated. And, yes, it’s not pretty. But, according to the Sun-Times, “a top state Republican” is threatening to call for impeachment proceedings. The “dogs of war” are ready to pounce:

Pressure mounted Tuesday on Gov. Eliot Spitzer to resign because of a prostitution scandal, with a top state Republican threatening to push for impeachment proceedings if the governor doesn’t step down in 48 hours.

The state ‘‘cannot have this hanging over their heads,’’ said Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco.

The Republicans are making noise, no doubt rejoicing that, this time at least, it was not one of their own involved. Democrats are not doubt rejoicing that Spitzer at least was involved with a woman.

Jon Stewart had his fun this evening, and it was hilarious.

Now, however, it doesn’t matter what really happened. Spitzer must resign. He’s been in seclusion all day, but he cannot survive this one politically.

Larry Craig is still in the United States Senate. We don’t know for how long. I don’t recall hearing many Democrats recently calling for him to step down. But when a Democrat is involved, things are somehow different. Then, the self-righteous right-wing begins screaming for justice. And we usually crumble. We usually do what’s right.

Governor, it’s time to step down.