Now I’ve pretty much heard everything.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

A Texas judge has cleared the way for two Dallas men to get a divorce, ruling that Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage violates the constitutional guarantee to equal protection under the law.

District Judge Tena Callahan’s ruled Thursday that the court “has jurisdiction to hear a suit for divorce filed by persons legally married in another jurisdiction.”

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has argued that because the state doesn’t recognize gay marriage, its courts can’t dissolve one through divorce. Voters approved a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in 2005.

Abbott says he’ll appeal the ruling.

You gotta love the law.  Now the haters are confounded.

Only in America.

I’m really intrigued by this ruling.  If the case proceeds, Texas will have to allow that these two men were legally married in another jurisdiction.

Ha.  Ha.

As Craig Ferguson says, “It’s a great day for America, everybody!”