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White Chicago Man Calls Black Man A Slave, Charged With Battery

white man calls black man slave Chicago
white man calls black man slave Chicago

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A white man in Chicago was charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery after calling a black man a slave, according to Chicago Police — and caught on video.

From The Root:

The assailant, identified as 23-year-old William Boucher, can be heard on the video screaming at an unidentified black man: “Shut up, slave! Do not talk to me!”

Boucher then goes on to compare the man to livestock and suggests that he should be tagged with a bar code with his Social Security number.

“Your children are disposable vermin!” Boucher continues to yell at a second man who is also videotaping him. He then spits on that 30-year-old man as well as a 34-year-old woman, according to police.

The man Boucher spits at, however, is not having any of it and rushes up to Boucher, but is held back by another bystander.

“Get on all fours right now!” Boucher screams. “Get on all fours! Do not walk off on two legs! You don’t deserve to walk on two legs, vermin.”

Boucher is also seen punching down to the ground an older man who was walking toward his direction.

And then this, from ABC 7 Chicago:

As the man starts to leave, he’s approached by what appears to be a homeless man. He throws a single punch and sends him to the ground. Witnesses tackled the man and held him down until help arrives.

Video of the incident below:

What is happening in America?

Always there, just below the surface.

Now, unleashed.




Trump Says He Cancelled Chicago UIC Rally Because Of “Safety Concerns”

Donald Trump says he cancelled the planned rally at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago because of security concerns.

Don’t you believe it.

Trump cancelled the rally for his campaign. His ego.

Do you really think the man who encouraged violence at his rallies would call off one of the potentially most violent rallies yet?

Not a chance. His narcissism would not allow it.

The Chicago PD ostensibly gets the credit making the call on this one.

First, Trump said this:

“Chicago is the home of some very, very bad rallies,” Trump said. “You know that, OK? All you have to do is look back at the conventions that they had in Chicago, and one in particular, as you know, where tremendous numbers of people were hurt, and I believe, killed. And I don’t want to see anything like that happen.

“So I made a decision. Now I spoke with law enforcement and made it in conjunction with law enforcement, and I think we made a wise decision.”

Then, he said this:

Later in an interview on CNN, Trump said police advised against holding the rally. The pavilion, with a seating capacity of about 7,000 people was about three-quarters full during the rally, with a few hundred more people on the floor.

But the Chicago PD says this:

A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department says the agency never recommended that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cancel his campaign rally in the city.

CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tells The Associated Press that the department never told the Trump campaign there was a security threat at the University of Illinois at Chicago venue. He said the department had sufficient manpower on the scene to handle any situation.

Trump’s first reflex is to lie horribly.

Hats off to the well-organized protesters, inside and outside the UIC Pavilion.


Want to be a witness at the R. Kelly trial?

This could be your chance to make the big leagues.  After six years of lurid publicity, the defense has suddenly unearthed a surprise witness.  After six years of delays, the defense claims a witness called them today, for the first time.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Testimony from a woman who says she had a sexual encounter with R. Kelly and an underage girl could be undermined by another witness in the singer’s child pornography trial who claims to know damaging information about the woman.

The judge abruptly halted proceedings Wednesday about an hour before the woman, who is from Georgia, was set to testify that she had an encounter with both the R&B superstar and the female who is depicted in a sex videotape at the heart of case. The Georgia woman also was expected to tell the jury that the woman was a minor at the time of the video recording.

The show will go on.  I’m just a bit surprised at this development.  How likely is it that a new witness no one apparently knew about would call the very day this woman was set to testify?  That’s downright uncanny, as if this witness, a man, had some kind of sixth “R. Kelly” sense.

The defense appeared to be as shocked as well:

“We never knew about the witness until 9 a.m. [Wednesday],” defense attorney Sam Adam Sr. said. “The witness called us.”

Want to be a witness at the R. Kelly trial?  Apparently there are still openings.

This one ain’t over until R. Kelly sings.