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Schwarzenegger Hidden Veto Message to Assemblyman Ammiano: ‘F*** You’

We write, "LOL" online when we get a chuckle. Sometimes we turn up the heat and write, "LMAO." And then theres, " LMFAO."

This one falls into the latter category.

From CBS Chicago:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger typically attaches a message to bills he signs or vetoes telling lawmakers why he took the action.

A Democratic assemblyman who heckled the governor during a recent event in San Francisco actually received two messages: the veto letter itself and a not-so-subtle rebuke creatively hidden within it.

Like a find-the-word puzzle, the second message was visible by stringing together the first letter of each line down the left-hand margin. It consisted of a common four-letter vulgarity followed by the letters "y-o-u."

"My goodness. What a coincidence," said Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear. "I suppose when you do so many vetoes, something like this is bound to happen."

Here’s the note, emphasis added:

To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 1176 without my signature.

For some time now I have lamented the fact that major issues are overlooked while many
unnecessary bills come to me for consideration. Water reform, prison reform, and health
care are major issues my Administration has brought to the table, but the Legislature just
kicks the can down the alley.

Yet another legislative year has come and gone without the major reforms Californians
overwhelmingly deserve. In light of this, and after careful consideration, I believe it is
unnecessary to sign this measure at this time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

My goodness. What a coincidence.

See the original document here.

Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Establishing May 22 Harvey Milk Day

From Change.org:

Harvey Milk, the legendary LGBT activist and San Francisco Supervisor who was assassinated in 1978, has finally been given official recognition by the state of California with his own day. The bill to establish May 22 — Harvey’s birthday — as Harvey Milk Day was signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last night, capping off a whirlwind year in which Milk Day was originally vetoed by the Terminator, then the “Milk” movie exploded, then a Presidential Medal of Freedom was given posthumosly to Milk, and now, full circle, Schwarzenegger gets that Milk is an important figure for the state to honor.

Kudos to the state of California and to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for making this finally happen.

And thank you, Harvey Milk.

Tip of the hat to Michael Jones for this.

CA Supreme Court to Issue Prop 8 Decision Tuesday

The Human Rights Campaign issued a press release today indicating that a decision on California’s Proposition 8 is imminent:

Just moments ago, we learned that the California Supreme Court will issue its decision in the challenge to Proposition 8 on Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific. We’ve been awaiting this critical decision for California families for months and will have all the latest information and analysis for you then – tune in to www.hrc.org.

So the deciders have decided: will the rule of law move in the direction separate and not equal, restricting human freedom?  Or will they move toward fairness.