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Michelle Obama Parries Big Bird’s Demand for President’s Birth Certificate

First Lady Michelle Obama handled herself well in the face of the worst attack yet by Birthers, this time coming face to face with Sesame Street’s Big Bird.

Big Bird, remember, was hatched.

Thanks to Conan O’Brien for sharing this remarkable footage with us.

Here’s a transcription:

Conan O’Brien: First lady Michelle Obama just made an appearance on "Sesame Street." It was all going very well. But then Big Bird showed up and things got a little uncomfortable.

Big Bird: Well, look who’s here to push her husband’s socialist health care agenda.

Michele Obama: Well, Big Bird …

Big Bird: Or maybe you’re here to finally show us your husband’s United States birth certificate.

Michele Obama: No, Big Bird, I’m not.

Big Bird: That’s ’cause you can’t.

Enjoy the video.

The Noise Lunacy of the Grand Old Party

I learned a new phrase tonight: “Noise lunacy.”

It’s how the writers at the Conservative News Digest (CND) describe the current leadership of the Republican Party.

These people seem desperate in their attempt to restore conservatism to its, what, true roots?  It’s difficult for me to really understand what “true conservatism” means, although I was, at one time, quite the conservative, I’m sure.  In high school, I fought for every conservative cause, wanting desperately to champion every Catholic cause the Christian Brothers threw my way.

I’m glad I eventually met some thinking Catholics.

At any rate, it appears the writers of the CND are looking for some true conservative thinkers:

Government is not the problem.  Movement conservatives are the problem, and they’re ruining our party.  The Republican Party must disown them.

We desperately need the leadership and direction from those who still have a spark of moderation, like Senator John McCain.

The Tea Parties must stop.  The Birthers must be silenced.  As it stands now, wise conservative voices are lost in the bedlam of movement conservatism.  The inmates are running the asylum.  We must take our party back and focus once again on ideas, not ideology.

We must ask ourselves, which do we love more: the United States of America, or the noise lunacy our current Republican leaders substitute for leadership?

This really blows me away. I’ve read about movement conservatives from Paul Krugman, but never heard of conservatives who, well, owned the term, so to speak.

Well, if you look at the last sentence of that inglorious post, you’ll see the words “noise lunacy,” and I agree, that’s a great discription of the Teabagging Birthers.

Let’s all get back to the table, and talk ideas.