Newt Gingrich pointing

Are you perhaps to blame for Newt "The Buck Stops There" Gingrich's latest electoral problems?

Remember, if Newt Gingrich has a problem, someone else is to blame.

Remember that. The man who has already christened himself the GOP nominee for President of the United States commits no errors. He is infallible.

Case in point: Newt blames the State of Virginia for his failure to qualify for his home state’s primary ballot.

From the BBC:

Newt Gingrich, one of the leading US Republican presidential candidates, has said Virginia’s electoral system is flawed, after failing to qualify for the primary ballot in his home state.

Virginia party officials say he did not submit the required 10,000 signatures to appear on the 6 March ballot.

Mr Gingrich’s team vowed to pursue an “aggressive write-in campaign” – although Virginia does not permit this.

Gingrich critics say the setback shows serious lack of organisation.

Four other presidential Republican candidates – including Texas Governor Rick Perry – failed to qualify for the Virginia ballot.

Can you imagine this man as president? Newt “The Buck Stops There” Gingrich, man of a thousand excuses.

Newt, dude, you only had to get 10,000 good signatures.  Your campaign only submitted 11,050. Even local candidates here who only need two or three hundred signatures submit at least double the required number.

Was it really that difficult to find 10,000 good signatures in the entire state of Virginia? Or didn’t you really try?