Received the following pseudo-economic-concerned email from Mark Kirk today:

Illinois has 11 nuclear power plants, more than any other state in the nation. Currently, spent fuel is stored in dry casks and pools near urban areas and sources of drinking water. At the Zion Nuclear Station, 1,100 tons of waste is stored just yards away from Lake Michigan, the source of drinking water to millions of people. A nuclear waste contamination of Lake Michigan would be devastating to the Great Lakes region.

A continuation of the Yucca Mountain project would be an important step in finding a safe, permanent storage facility for our country’s nuclear waste and critically important for the State of Illinois. Click the image below to see a video on what I am doing to move nuclear waste out of Illinois.

Look, here is what I am doing to remove waste from Illinois.

Un-elect Mark Kirk.

Vote for his Democratic challenger. Whoever he or she is.

Mark Kirk is dancing with the far, far right, which, right now, controls his party.

And his party, the GOP, has put forward exactlyro, “0”, jobs bills.




And they have rejected every bill President Obama has proposed to increase the number of jobs in America.

Restore America to the center, center left.

Un-elect Mark Kirk.