I heard his father speak years ago at the University of Notre Dame. In the spring.

I got into the speech with the NBC film crew.

The topic in 1985? Abortion.

I don’t think his dad’s views were nuanced enough. Too simplistic.

All other issues aside, I look forward to hearing from this Governor Cuomo, the man who will define the role for himself.

From ABC News:

ABC News projects that Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo will defeat Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino for the New York gubernatorial seat, in what has been a violent campaign of mudslinging from both sides.

In what was once a close race, Cuomo, the current attorney general, slowly crept up in the polls to take a double digit lead over Paladino, who was plagued by controversy in the final weeks of his campaign.

The Republican candidate was dogged by reports of racy emails he sent out containing inappropriate images and racial slurs. Paladino also made headlines when he threatened a New York Post reporter.

Cuomo will succeed the "accidential" Gov. David Patterson who did not seek re-election after Gov. Eliot Spitzer left office in 2008.

Good luck to Governor Cuomo. The new guy.