Due to numerous inconstincies in the story of the unknown "red-haired masseuse," Al Gore will not be prosecuted:

Former Vice President Al Gore won’t be prosecuted over allegations by a masseuse that he groped and assaulted her in his Portland hotel room in 2006, the county prosecutor said Friday.

District Attorney Michael Schrunk said the case has numerous problems and isn’t appropriate for a criminal prosecution.

Among the difficulties that Schrunk cited: Although the red-haired masseuse said she was terrified of Gore, she also said she called him after their encounter and told him to "dream of redheaded women."

Schrunk also said the woman – Molly Hagerty – told the hotel she appreciated the business referrals it had given her, and didn’t mention any problems with Gore just two nights earlier.

Gore denied the charges, including under questioning July 22 by local detectives. His aides welcomed the news.

I’ll bet they welcomed the news.

No one is beyond temptation. But, come on. Al Gore? Really?

Al’s about as up front and honest as you can find.