From the Weekly World News:

WASHINGTON –  Several days after Michele Bachmann won approval for The Tea Party Caucus in the House, Nancy Pelosi has announced she will join.

Speaker of the House Pelosi made this statement, “Even though there are many cross-dressers, nail-biters and bedwetters in this Republican caucus, I think by joining I can finally get them to think straight.”  She explained that Republicans have a long history of  closeted sexual behavior and the “best way to win over Tea Party members is to go their caucus meetings, tie them up and beat them.  That’s what they want, and that’s what I’ll give them.  Really, it’s very similar to the way I work with every other Caucus.”

When Jake Tapper  of ABC asked her why she was dressed as dominatrix for the press conference, Pelosi said “Oh, I just forgot to change.  I’m tired of being subtle and many Republican House members love it, particularly Representative Pete Sessions of Texas… he’s a bad boy, a really bad boy.”  Pelosi snapped her whip toward Rep. Sessions, who then barked like a dog.

This cracked me up. And there’s more.

My favorite line comes from Rep. Gary G. Miller of California.