To haters of Sidney “The Kid” Crosby everywhere, take a look at that photo above and just drool.

At Lord Stanley’s Cup, or The Kid, whatever…

The Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight by a team that played hard, inspired hockey. The Montreal Canadiens shut down the Penguins and earned a victory in what has turned out to be the very last hockey game at the erstwhile Civic Arena, a.k.a. The Igloo.

The Canadiens played solid hockey. They beat the Penguins. Fair and square.

But the Pens had possession of Lord Stanley’s Cup for one year solid, and they earned that too, fair and square, in one of the most exciting “Game Sevens” in hockey history.

That’s my opinion.

I don’t understand Sid Haters. A few surfaced tonight on Facebook. Do they envy his success? His youth? His stamina? Do they suffer from “Cup Envy?”

Who knows.

I salute the Pittsburgh Penguins, and wish them a good rest in the off-season. In my lifetime, I have enjoyed THREE Stanley Cup victories by the Pittsburgh Penguins. And I thank them for that.

Did I say “THREE?”

Yes, I did.

Face it, Sid Haters: “The Kid” slept with Lord Stanley’s Cup.

How many times has your team lofted The Cup, let alone slept with it?

Thank you to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The best is yet to come!