The Sun-Times puts an interesting twist on the Todd Stroger saga: Will County businesses love Todd because Cook County taxes drive shoppers over the border.

From the Sun-Times:

The real reason why Todd Stroger will fail to win another term as Cook County Board president won’t be because of a dynamic new candidate who emerges to capture the electorate.

Stroger will be shown the door in the Feb. 2 primary not because he was unsuccessful getting a key endorsement again from the Fifth Floor at Chicago City Hall or from a certain fellow from Hyde Park who now resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

No, the single biggest reason why Todd Stroger is about to be bounced from office after one term can be found at Kenwood Liquors in Homer Glen.

Whoever replaces Stroger should stock the victory party with champagne from the store to show the proper appreciation.

Stroger might not be smart enough to realize it, but he’s done wonders for the Will County economy by ramming through a 1 percent sales tax increase on behalf of his constituency a year ago. The Cook County Board banded together to roll back half of the tax starting July 1, but the effect already has been felt across county lines.

Who cares if every man, woman and child across all income brackets in Cook County hates paying an extra penny for every dollar they spend?

As if you needed another reason to vote for someone besides Todd Stroger on February 2.

I’m still considering Toni Preckwinkle. She makes a good first impression. I hope its lasting.