I subscribed to the Christian Science Monitor on and off during my undergrad years and occasionally during grad school. Following the advice of a roommate, I started to read, and was impressed with the international coverage of the CSM.

So why is tonight’s lead story a silly speculative piece on Tiger Woods? Will Tiger Woods quit golf for good? the publication asks.

Can pro golf survive without Tiger Woods?

In the cold light of morning – after the golf superstar announced that he was leaving his clubs in the garage while he tries to pull his scandal-tainted life back together – the answer seemed to be a grimly-determined … maybe.

Survive, yes. But in a way that continues to attract hundreds of millions of regular fans, not to mention sponsors with very fat wallets? The answer here seems to be far more qualified.

I don’t get it. As I’ve said before, I hope Tiger and his wife are able to reconcile. I feel for his wife.

Will Tiger golf again?

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