Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been sacked five times so far in tonight’s game against Cleveland.  The last sack was on 3rd and 19 facing a paltry three-man Brownie rush.

My favorite fan post right now on NFL.COM’s Game Center is from panther440:

Steeler fans, trade those terrible towels in on a new Sham Wow
absorb 400% more tears !

Oh, the pain.

Browns are up 6-0 with 2:54 to go in the first half.

UPDATE: Browns just scored on a 10 yard run by Chris Jennings. The drive ran 8 plays, 74 yards in 3:35.  Browns are up 13-0 with 41 seconds left in the first half.

The Steelers look slow offensively.  Steeler defense just has not shown up yet.