There’s no good way to tell this story. Two young guys allegedly in a dispute over in a girl, one allegedly loses it and runs the other one over with a car. A stolen car.

And the 16-year-old victim is dead.

From the Chicago Tribune:

A Maine East High School student was run down and fatally injured by another teen driving a stolen car, an attack in a Niles mall parking lot that police said stemmed from a dispute over a girl on a social-networking Web site.

The victim, Edgardo De La Torre of Des Plaines, died after being taken off life support Tuesday, his 16th birthday, his mother, Leticia, said Wednesday. She said her son’s organs would be donated but declined to comment further.

De La Torre was with six other teens who were walking along Church Street near the Golf Mill mall at about 7 p.m. Saturday when they heard a car speed up, Niles Police Sgt. Tom Davis said.

"He accelerated and basically ran this kid down," said Davis, adding that the car was going between 30 and 40 mph. "It’s my understanding there was a dispute over a girl on a Web site and that is the reason he attacked him."

The teens ran into the mall parking lot as the car sped up and headed toward them, Davis said.

The car knocked down a 16-year-old boy from Glenview before making a U-turn and striking De La Torre, who suffered head injuries, according to police.

From Chicago Breaking News:

Alex De La Torre was walking with his older brother and other teens near a Niles mall when they heard a car speed up behind them.

They took off running for the nearest store but never made it.

The car hit Edgardo at nearly 40 mph, throwing him into the air. Alex said he rushed to his brother and held him.From Chicago Breaking News:

"He was shaking. He couldn’t breath or anything because he was choking," Alex, 14, told WGN-Channel 9 Wednesday night, a day after his brother was taken off life support and pronounced dead. Edgardo died on his 16th birthday.

"I just held him in may arms. And then I went into a J.C. Penney to get some help. And after that, the ambulance came."

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victim and the alleged offender.

In one instant, gone.

Alex De La Torre, 14, left, talks about holding his brother Edgardo after he was run down in a parking lot.