From the Chicago Sun-Times:

GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan issued his first outright apology Thursday for wrongfully putting two men on Death Row instead of prosecuting the real killer of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico.

DuPage County’s former top prosecutor made his statement after a jury Wednesday sentenced Brian Dugan to death for the Nicarico murder, which Ryan incorrectly had blamed on Rolando Cruz and Alex Hernandez. Both men were later exonerated.

“In the Cruz-Hernandez cases, prosecutors, detectives and police officers acted in good faith and still came up with the wrong result,” Ryan said. “In the Cruz-Hernandez cases, the system and I failed to achieve a just outcome. And for that I am sorry.”

Yes, “And for that I am sorry.”

Let’s follow this trail to it’s logical conclusion. What if these two men had been put to death? Would “and for that I am sorry,” suffice?

This is a question we need to consider.