Some people say even bad news is good news, because any news means free advertising.

I don’t buy that. One Gold Coast bar in Chicago has some powerful civil rights groups creating bad press all around.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Two Chicago civil rights groups on Friday called for formal apologies and retraining for employees at a popular Gold Coast bar, citing allegations that six black college students were prevented from entering last weekend because their pants were too baggy while white friends with similar clothing were admitted.

The Anti-Defamation League and the Chicago Urban League made their request in a letter to the owners of the Original Mother’s bar at 26 W. Division St.

"We strongly suggest that Mother’s re-examine its dress code, conduct immediate retraining of all employees to avoid any future racial discrimination or appearance thereof, and issue a formal letter of apology to the six students who were denied entry," the letter read.

A public apology would be the best thing right now. This part of the story is especially interesting:

The black students offered to change clothes in their hotel, but the bar told them it wouldn’t matter, students said. They also said a white student traded pants with a black student and got into the bar without trouble.

Ouch. A white student got into the bar without trouble? Dressed like that?