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And now for your moment of Zen.

Watch the video above, and go along with Rachel Maddow, “Imagine being that girl and hearing your president answer that way. That was President Ronald Reagan, in the last months of his presidency, embarrassingly using terminology from the imagined presidency of Strom Thurmond while addressing school children back in 1988.”

The Great Communicator knew exactly what he was saying to this young lady. He was putting her back in her place, letting her know she was only a Negro, and how dare she ask the President of the United States a question like that.

Reagan also took the opportunity during his presentation to talk policy with the kids, telling them about the importance of tax cuts, and took a question where he argued that the United States can cut taxes and reduce its deficit.

Maybe if you close your eyes, click your heels together, and wish real, real hard.

Imagine being that little girl.